Why Purba Burdwan (West Bengal) is an ideal destination to participate by the exhibitors?

          Rice production in West Bengal is spread across three seasons--- Aus, Aman and Boro of these, the kharif rise Aus and Aman account for about 70% of the state's production.

          Purba Burdwan is the biggest rice and grain trade center in West Bengal State. West Bengal ranks first in area and production in the country. About 78% of total area under rice in the state is concentrated under high and medium productivity groups, which accounts for nearly 84% of total production of rice in the state, 160 Lakh million tonnes rice is produced every year and production can reach upto 185 lakh million tonnes mark by 2019-20. Rice production in eastern region of India can reach about 700 lakh million tonnes by 2019-20 from the current level of over 600 lakh million tonnes as the region holds tremendous potential to emerge as ' Rice Bowl of India" as every quintal increase in yield would push rice production by over two million tonnes" added the ASSOCHAM study." Eastern India contributes almost 55 per cent area under rice i.e. over 23 million hectares, besides this part of the country is also blessed with abundant natural resources including land, water and bio-diversity, thus an integrated holistic approach coupled with a well-planned strategy is imperative to realize targeted average agricultural growth rate of about four percent in the eastern region."

          Purba Burdwan is the only center place in East India, where whole paddy is processed to actual eatable rice. All the modern and semi modern, big or small rice mills are running in Purba Burdwan and surrounding area. In Purba Burdwan, there are 600 higher capacity rice mills and 400 rice mill with the low capacity. Only West Bengal itself there are more than 2000-2500 rice mill units and more than 6000 rice mill units is running from including West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. This exhibition will be a technology oriented platform for all the millers of east and north east India. The forthcoming exhibition will be the first exhibition ever in east India which will help machinery manufacturer to meet the end users and the miller will see the world's latest technology at their door steps. West Bengal's neighbour states like Odisha 58 lakh tonnes, Bihar 72 Lakh tonnes, Jharkhand 34 lakh tonnes and Assam 129 lakh tonnes paddy production is being recorded.

          Now at the last, all running rice mill units are looking for new and advanced technology to upgrade their manufacturing units. So, forthcoming 24th international Rice Grain Pro-Tech Expo 2022 will give the chance to the manufacturers to display the latest machinery in front of millers and to reduce the technology gap in processing as well as in supply chain. Our grain milling exhibition in Purba Burdwan will explore the rice industry of these states and will provide the biggest platform to all the grain milling manufacturers and it's allied industry from India and overseas. It will be the first such biggest rice exhibition in Purba Burdwan and will be the rare opportunity to explore the markets.